Tenant Screening

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Do you know what a good tenant looks like?

We do, and we can help you find the best possible tenant for your property.

Evictions are never fun. Vesta Hawaii Property Management will help you avoid such costly and stressful experiences through a time tested and proven tenant screening process that includes:

  • Credit score analysis
  • Reviewing their credit history
  • Foreclosure and bankruptcy search
  • Tenant history review, including prior evictions and payment history
  • Employment and income verifications
  • Multi-state criminal background check
  • Risky behavior pattern and red flag detection


Have you ever trusted ther wrong tenant?

Don’t feel bad. Most landlords do at least once during their career. They’ll trust someone based on a gut feeling and ignore all potential red flags. You don’t have to worry about these things with Vesta Hawaii Property Management. We’re rather good at sifting through an applicant’s history to determine their true character.

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What Our Clients Say

client-tenant2“Vesta Hawaii Property Management exceeds the services of other management companies I’ve dealt with.”
Rodney & Terri C. | Hawaii

client-tenant“They provide excellent service and I couldn’t ask for more! Thanks.”
Roberta W. | Hawaii