Maximizing Your ROI

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Maximize Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Are you looking to generate more revenue without increasing costs? There’s one quick way to so, and that’s to trust professional property managers with a proven track record.


Maximizing your return on investment is a multi faceted challenge and requires knowledge, skill, and most importantly time. Maximizing your investment returns on rental property, requires that you have the proper, asset preservation programs in place, tenant screening, advertising, marketing, and also have access to monthly and annual financial statements on every property so that you know exactly how each asset is performing at any given time. All of these skills and services, need to be executed in an efficient and timely manner, which will keep your annual vacancy low, while minimizing your deffered maintenance over time resulting in better returns, for you the owner, on your investment.

Maintain Occupancy

Vacant apartments are one of the largest financial drains on your investment. And they’re also the most common. That’s because most property owners don’t have the time, experience or resources needed to find and keep the right tenants.

Rent to High-Quality Tenants

Late payments, evictions and property damage are the inevitable result of a bad tenant. Not only do these things cause major headaches, but they can also cost a significant amount of money. Our job is to prescreen applicants to determine whether they are likely to become a drain on your investment. This may include a credit check, background check and a reference check. A little due diligence up front will mitigate the potential losses you could have experienced with the wrong tenant.

Vesta Hawaii Property Management will help keep your property occupied and your interests protected.

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What Our Clients Say

client-3“I am hundreds of miles away and feel super confident and comfortable that my property is in good care.”
David P. | Hawaii
client1“Since joining Vesta Hawaii, we have been very satisfied with the level of service‚Ķ They keep us apprised of any issues which need to be addressed. Any and all problems with the rentals are addressed promptly and efficiently.”
J. Chong | Hawaii