Asset Preservation

Want to maximize your returns? Put our years of asset preservation experience to work for you, and start saving.

Not only will a focus on Asset Preservation help preserve your ever-important equity, but it will also help you attract the very best tenants. Stop worrying about turnover and start watching the rent roll in.


Our Approach

At Vesta Hawaii Property Management, we employ a systematic approach to preserving every property. Asset preservation is an ongoing process, and we ensure the following steps are completed in a timely and organized manner:

1)   Initial walk through
2)   Move-in and Move-out walk through with Tenant
3)   Regular Evaluations, which include a 90 day, 9 month, and annual inspections after one year
4)   Maintenance and repairs
5)   Vendor Screening
6)   Properly structured Lease Agreements

1)   Initial Walk Through

Asset Preservation begins on the very first day when our team walks the property. This step even takes place before we show the property to prospective tenants. We have proven time and time again that trusting professionals to evaluate the condition of the property before completing any work and listing it for rent can save you a great deal of time and money down the road. Our experts are trained to see things that even seasoned investors are likely to miss. Identifying and rectifying problems up front helps to avoid expensive and unexpected repairs.

When going through your property, we are:
•    Checking all the water shut off valves, including those inside the kitchen and bathroom cabinets
•    Verifying that all the appliances are in good working order
•    Testing all the toilets, faucets, and sink stoppers
•    Running water through drain lines to check for possible leaks
•    Evaluating the condition of paint, cabinets, countertops and flooring
•    Ensuring that the property is in clean condition
•    Opening and closing all the doors, windows and blinds
•    Turning on all the lights, ceiling fans, and AC units
•    Evaluating that condition of the yard and testing the irrigation system

2)   Move-in and Move-out walk through with Tenant

Once the perfect tenant is selected, it’s time for their move-in walkthrough. This is when our property management team goes over the lease, talks about home maintenance, and requires the tenant to sign off on the condition form. Hand-in-hand with the tenant, we go through each room and make sure everything is in good working order while documenting the condition of the property. We believe that a well-informed tenant is a happy tenant and that’s why we go to great lengths to explain the terms of the lease and the property’s amenities. This helps avoid any misunderstandings or complaints in the future. Once the tenant signs the condition form, they are officially accepting the apartment or home as it stands.

When the tenant is ready to move out, we perform another walkthrough to review the condition form and have them sign off. During this walk through, we are looking at all the same items that we did during our initial walk through to ensure that the property is being well kept to our high standards. This allows us to hold the tenant accountable for your investment and ensure that they take excellent care of the property.

Click here to see our sample movein and move out report *available to you 24/7 through your owner portal

3)   Regular Evaluations, which include a 90 day, 9 month, and annual inspections after one year

How can you know everything is in tip-top shape unless you are there? You can’t. That’s why we perform regular 90-day and 9-month inspections during the first year to look for any new maintenance issues that may need attention. Vesta Property Management is here to ensure that the tenant is taking care of your investment. This not only can save money on repair bills by addressing problems early on, but it also sends a message to the tenant that a well maintained property is important.

Click here to see our sample 90 day, 9 month, and annual inspection report *available to you 24/7 through our owner portal

4)   Maintenance and Repairs
Tired of handling maintenance and repairs on your own? Let Vesta Hawaii Property Management handle that for you. Each property we manage is held to the highest standard. Repairs and maintenance are always done in a timely manner and, most importantly, our owner clients remain involved and informed during the repair process. We coordinate maintenance and repair projects on your behalf using preselected vendors and make payment arrangements, so you don’t have to. As an added bonus, repair expenses coordinated by Vesta Hawaii will be listed on your year-end profit and loss statement, which can make filing your taxes a breeze.

5)   Vendor Screening
Asset preservation impacts more than just the dwelling and its inhabitants. In order to successfully protect your asset, we’ll need help from qualified vendors with a proven track record of delivering value. If we find that a vendor cannot meet our high standards, even if they have in the past, we will remove them from our approved vendor list. Here are some of the extra steps we take to qualify and approve each vendor:

a)   In-person interview
b)   Portfolio evaluation
c)   Negotiation on price and payment terms
d)   Verification of proper licensing and insurance
e)   Accountability measures

6)   Properly-Structured Lease Agreements

Properly-Structured lease agreements are one of the pillars of asset preservation and management. Without every detail spelled out in writing, you would leave yourself open to legal battles that could end up costing a great deal of capital. Avoid headaches with our properly-structured lease agreements that are drafted by qualified attorneys and designed to protect you against virtually any issues that may arise.

Our lease agreement requires the following:
a)   Tenants are required to make minor maintenance repairs in the home, such as toilet flappers, door knobs, light bulbs and air filters.
b)   Tenants required to report any maintenance issues in a timely manner.
c)   Tenants are responsible for returning property in good condition after lease termination.
d)   Tenants are required to have carpets professionally cleaned once a year and before they move out.

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